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6-episode Videos

  • Vol. 6 -- "Panic at the Library" and Other Stories": "Molars and Bicuspids and Popples", "Popple Panic at the Library", "Popples Paint Party", "Pop-paring for Bed", "Poppolymics", and Sports Shop Pop"
  • Vol. 7 -- Poppin' Pillow Talk: "Taking out the Trash", "A Hair-raising Experience", "Pop Goes the Radio", "Poppin Pillow Talk", "Popples Alley" and "Where the Pop Flies"
  • Vol. 9 -- Backyard Adventure and Other Stories: "Backyard Adventure, "Hurray for Hollywood", "Moving Day", "Popples Post Office", "Popplin' Around the Bloc", and "Tree House Capers"
  • Vol. 10 -- Decath-a-pop-a-lon and Other Stories: "Decath-a-pop-a-lon", "Poppin' at the Drive-in", "The College of Popple Knowledge", "No Bizness like Popple Bizness", "Barn Hoopla", and "Fixer-upper Popple"
  • Vol. 11 -- Rock Around the Popples and Other Stories: "Rock Around the Popples", "Lemonade Stand-off", "The Repair Shop", "Private Eye Popples", "Poppin' at the Zoo", "Popple Express Balloon Ride", and "Museum Peace"
  • Vol. 12 -- Funhouse Folly and Other Stories: "Funhouse Folly", "The Popple Fashion Parade", "The Jellybean Jamboree", "Cuckoo Choo Choo"

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