Special Exhibits: Propaganda

This exhibit contains scans of Popples advertisements and various booklets and posters that came with plush Popples. All of these were made to get you to buy more Popples so I have fonded titled this exhibit "Propaganda".

All of these pictures were scanned by me. Please do not use these pics on your web page.

Click on the pictures to see full size.

This ad appeared in a Popples comic book and advertises for Kideo TV, a Saturday morning cartoon line-up in which "The Popples" cartoon ran. The ad features Pretty Bit and Potato Chip Popples and also includes "Rainbow Brite" and "Ulysses 31".

The blurb for "The Popples" reads, "They're fast! They're funny! They're fur-balls that pop up everywhere!"

Tag / Booklet
Each new Popple comes with a tag / fun booklet in their pouch. These booklets usually name all the current Popples made up to that point, have washing instructions, and sometimes games that you can play with your Popples. Here are some scans from these tags.

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