Popples Plush Toys

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Original 9 Popples

P.C. Popple
13" tall

Party Popple
13" tall

Pancake Popple
13" tall

Prize Popple
11" tall

Puzzle Popple
11" tall

Puffball Popple
11" tall

Putter Popple
8" tall

Potato Chip Popple
8" tall

Pretty Bit Popple
8" tall
Punk Rocker Popples

Punkity Popple
10" tall

Punkster Popple
10" tall
Baby Popples

Baby Bibsy Popple
12" tall

Baby Cribsy Popple
12" tall
Sports Popples

P.C. Baseball Popple
10" tall

Dunker Popple
10" tall

T.D. Popple
10" tall

Big Kick Popple
10" tall

Net Set Popple (Europe only)
10" tall

Some people mistake P.C. Baseball Popple as Pitcher Popple. He is not Pitcher Popple. Compare the plush's features to P.C. and Pitcher Popples.

Puffling Popples

Red Puffling
5" tall

Blue Puffling
5" tall

Purple Puffling
5" tall

Yellow Puffling
5" tall

White Puffling
5" tall

Magenta Puffling
5" tall

Riddles in Pufflings

The back of the Puffling boxes read, "What's in every Puffling Popples middle? A very funny joke or riddle? Get laughing. Get all 24, and trade them with your friends!"

Here are riddles that can be found on the plastic tag of the Pufflings. If you have a Puffling with a riddle not on here, let me know!

Q: What do you get when you cross King Kong with Prize Popple?
A: A big ape who really takes the prize!

Q: Why did Party Popple put the clock on the scillet?
A: She wanted to see time fry!

Q: What do you get when you cross Puzzle Popple with Party Popple?
A: A smarty party!

Q: What do you say when you meet three Popples?
A: Hello, hello, hello!

Q: What's yellow on the outside and blue on the inside?
A: Potato Chip Popple when she can't find something to eat!

Q: What do you get when you cross a Puffling Popple with a cup of coffee?
A: A funny furball that keeps you awake all night!

Q: How many elephants can you put in the empty pouch of a Popple?
A: One, then it's not empty anymore!
~ Submitted by Linda

Q: How do you stop a Puffling Popple from snoring?
A: Wake him up!
~ Submitted by Linda

Q: Which hand does P.C. Popple use to stir his cocoa with?
A: Neither, he uses a spoon!
~ Submitted by Melinda

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