Washing Your Popples

NOT Washed Properly

Washed Properly

When a Popple is washed improperly, his hair & tail burns and becomes wooly. Also, his fur becomes more matted and he looks older.

Make sure you wash your Popples properly to keep them looking nice and almost new.
  • Spray any stains or heavy dirt with laundry pre-treatments, such as Shout or Spray 'n' Wash.
  • Start with your Popple in full form, not in a ball. Place your Popple in a pillow case. Tie the pillow case opening into a knot. Make sure the Popple is still loose in the bag and can move around freely.
  • Wash your Popple in the washing machine in cold water.
  • Tumble dry your Popple in the dryer on the low setting for 45-50 minutes.
  • Your Popple may not be fully dry when removed, especially inside its pouch. Flip your Popple into a ball to air dry.
  • Once it is dried, brush your Popple gently with a clean brush, if desired.

If your Popple already has burnt or wooly hair, there is honestly no way to get back exactly as it was. However, you can make your Popple's hair look better using a comb and GENTLY combing out the knots. If you are not gentle, your Popple will lose a lot of hair so BE GENTLE!

I am not responsible for the results in condition of your Popple after using these tips. These are the instructions found on Popples tush tags and extra tips that worked for my Popples.

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