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Purpose of This Site

I grew up watching The Popples in the 80's. I was 6-7 years old at the time. I was so excited when my dad finally bought a plush Popple for me and I have Prize Popple to this day.

On the internet, I've found many wonderful sites dedicated to Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, He-man, and nearly all the other 80's-cartoon greats but I couldn't find a decent site about The Popples. In creating and maintaining this site, my goal is to create a site that stirs up memories in the hearts of people from "my generation" and to introduce a lovable show to those who don't know what The Popples are. In the process, this site has become the best resource for finding detailed and extensive information on The Popples and merchandise associated with the show.

I try my best to make this site as accurate and as complete as possible. It isn't easy. Thank you to everyone who continue to visit and support this site!

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