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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before e-mailing me. It may answer your questions!

1. Can you make me a costume?

I work full-time so I barely have enough time to make my own costumes. If you need someone to make a costume for you, please see my Cosplay Resources page.

2. I'm looking for cosplayers in my area.

The forums at are used by cosplayers all over the world. You will definitely find cosplayers in your area there.

3. Do you know of an anime convention near ___________?

Fan's View has a list of all anime conventions. Visit the site to find an anime convention near you.

4. I'm interested in hiring you and other cosplayers for an upcoming event or film.

Thanks for your interest! Please contact me using the form below.

5. Can we exchange links?

If your site is related to cosplay, we can definitely exchange links! Feel free to use the banner below. Once the link is on your site, please contact me using the form below with the URL where I can find the link. Thanks!

6. Where did you get the hats (i.e. Hamtaro, Domo-kum, etc.) that Chris wears?

Chris' hats were purchased at Genki Gang.

7. Where did you get all the pieces for your Go-Go Yubari costume?

I get this question at least every other day. The shirt, tie, and socks are from Sue Mills. The first skirt was from Goodwill and the second skirt was from Charlotte Russe. The coat is also from Goodwill. The patch for the coat was made using an iron-on transfer. Click here to see a close-up picture of the patch. The mase was made out of a costume prop ball and chain and a spiked collar. The spiked collar was attached around the ball and the whole thing was spraypainted in silver. Then I attached real chains purchased from the hardware store.

8. Can I buy one of your costumes?

There are some costumes that I would be willing to sell. If you are interested in buying a costume, e-mail me using the form below and let me know which one.

Contact Me

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