Care Bears
Which Care Bear are you?
Care Bears Quiz

By Rebecca

1. Out of these activities, what do you like to do most?

Go out and party until dawn!
Find the perfect guy for my best friend and hook them up on a date.
Fix things.
Look through a telescope and stare at stars.
Sit over coffee with my best friend and swap secrets.
Organize my room and plan ahead for the next big thing going on in my life.
Do something crazy that I've never done before like skydiving, snorkel with baby sharks, or dirt bike racing.
Keep myself with busy with extracurricular activities and community service.
I like doing everything! Life is wonderful!

2. At a social gathering, I am...

usually being dragged around the place by my friends.
making sure my friends don't drink too much.
keeping to myself and complaining about the crappy music.
hoping to find the love of my life.
taking time out of my busy schedule to have a some fun.
worrying about my friend seeing her ex- for the first time since they broke up.
the life of the party, wearing the lamp shade on my head!
socializing with friends, meeting new people, and cheering on the guy with the lamp shade on his head.
smile at the commotion and stick close to a few friends.
partying late, even though I have a exam (which I haven't studied for) early the next morning.

3. Your friend makes a bold statement about a controversial issue (abortion, death penalty, etc.) and you disagree. What do you do?

Nod and keep quiet. No point in starting an arguement.
Just nod. I wasn't listening but I'll pretend I was.
Ask why she feels that way and listen to her reasons with an open-mind.
Change the subject. I don't really care about politics.
Analyze the issue, analyze this situation, and then present the results of my analysis to my friend.
That wouldn't happen to me. My friends and I think too much alike.
Demand she gives detailed reasons to support her opinion and counter each one that doesn't make sense with my own opinion.
Frown and mutter about her ignorance under my breath.
Just say that there must be a better way to solve the issue with everyone being happy.
Talk about the issue until we reach a compromise. All problems should be resolved immediately.

4. You are part of a group project. What is your role?

I'm the one who winds up with all the work because my group slacks off.
I'm the leader of the group, outlining our work and setting deadlines.
I'm the one who will do the presentation. I love public speaking!
I'm the one who sets up the celebration party once we're done.
I'm the one with connections to get our research done.
I drive everyone around and worry about the project the most.
I finish my work without complaining.
I just take whatever work the others don't want. I'm not picky.
I'm the slacker and my group has to yell at me a few times before I get started.
I always wait until the last minute but I still get my work done on time somehow.

5. Which of these is most important to you?

Holding on to my dreams and not letting reality get me down.
Getting enough sleep and still being there for my friends.
Being an intelligent leader and being on everyone's good side.
Having as much fun as possible.
Taking care of my friends and promoting the magic of love.
Being unique myself without hurting my friends' feelings.
Having strong stances on important issues and having a positive attitude.
Being a sincere, trustworthy friend.
A life with each day filled with excitement and encouraging others to fill their lives to the fullest.
Tackling life's problems head on and doing everything I can to help others.

6. Which describes you the best? I am usually...

Optimistic and outgoing.
Shy and soft-spoken.
Somewhere in between all of the above.

7. Which of these elements are you most drawn to?

None of the above

(This code was is from The Royalty Quiz.)