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The Popples was a 30-minute cartoon based on a series of toys created by American Greeting Cards & Mattel. The show aired from 1985-1987. These fuzzy, magical creatures could pull anything out of the pouches on their backs from a hammer to an elephant. They also flipped into their pouches to become balls of fur to bounce around or hide. The name "Popples" came from the popping sound they made when they sprang back out of a ball to normal.

The Popples only revealed themselves to two children, Bonnie and Billy, whose attic they lived in, and later to their neighbors who wound up living with the Baby and Punk Rocker Popples. At the beginning, all the Popples names started with "P", including the original 9 Popples, Punk Rocker Popples, and the Pufflings. However, the Baby Popples and the Sports Popples do not have names that begin with "P". Popples repeat the "p" sound for words beginning in "P". For instance, Party will say, "P-p-popples love to p-p-party!"

The basic plot of every episode was that the Popples follow Bonnie and Billy somewhere against the childrens' wishes, make a HUGE mess right when an adult walks away, and they must clean up their mess before the adult returns. Many times, the Popples will ask the audience to lend them a hand too.

One of the amazing things about the Popples is that there are no evil villians in the show and it still held an audience.

Popples Theme Song

The Popples, they'll make you smile
Popples livin' just for fun
Laughter...and good times too when the popples pop up for you
They pop up just for you

Popples Voice Actors

Party Louise Vallance
Pancake Sharon Noble
Penny Jeannie Elias
Prize Louise Vallance
Puzzle Maurice LaMarche
Puffball Louise Vallance
Punkster Danny Mann
Putter Danny Mann
Potato Chip Donna Christie
Bonnie/Billy Valrie Bromfield

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