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Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before e-mailing me. It may answer your question!

1. I'm looking for the live action Popples movie that was done with puppets. Where can I find it?

Shelley Duvall's TV Special "Meet the Popples" was completely live action with real actors and the Popples were portrayed by puppets. You can find the TV Special on the Popples VHS tape called "Popples Volume 12: Funhouse Folly and Other Stories". If you would like to purchase the video tape, we suggest looking for it on eBay. You can find pictures of each of the puppets used to make the special at

2. I have a Popples <insert item here> that isn't on your site. Why don't have you have it on your site?

There were many, many items made for the Popples in the 1980's. It would be nearly impossible to capture every single item. The items on the site gives you an idea of all the different kinds of products that were made but it was never meant to capture every single item. That's why you may find items that we don't have listed here. To see more Popples items, Disco's 80's Toy Sale is also working on an expensive list of Popples items ever made!

3. Where can I buy Popples?

We recommend you look on eBay for any Popples merchandise you need.

4. Can you help me identify my Popple?

The Items Guide section has pictures of every plush Popple we know to be in existence. Please try there first before e-mailing me.

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